Slideshow of some Cooking@home classes and the dishes our students learn to prepare

Cooking@home Thai Culinary School takes you away from the crowds and gives you local insight.

Nestled in a secluded part of Sankhampaeng village, amidst stunning rice field scenery, the Cooking@home Thai Culinary School offers you a peaceful sanctuary, where you can witness, practice and absorb the magic of authentic Thai home cooking, whilst you relax, unwind and enjoy a genuine holiday experience.

Why Choose Cooking@home?
  • Our classes are taught in English and our beautifully illustrated Cooking@Home recipe book (free with your first lesson) is written in English too.
    Classes taught in English
  • Our cooking classes are suitable for both beginners and experienced cooks of all ages.  Family groups are most welcome and tuition is tailored accordingly.  Children under the age of 12 must be supervised by a parent or a designated adult.
    Classes for all ages and levels
  • Our classes are small and we aim for a teacher : student ratio of no more than 1:6.
    Small classes (1:6 ratio)
  • Our lessons begin at a local market, teaching you to choose your fresh ingredients which you cook & then eat (or take home!)
    From the market to the table
  • On a typical day we teach our students to cook 5 dishes.  The teaching pattern we follow for each dish is:
    1. demonstration by the teacher
    2. cooking - each student cooks the dish he/she has selected and been taught, with the teacher(s) circulating and offering individual assistance
    3. dining - all students take their food to the dining area and savor their efforts immediately after each dish has been prepared.  Further advice is available from the teacher(s) as needed.
    Hands on learning at individual work stations
  • Our premises are purpose built, we use the freshest ingredients available and our staff maintain top standards in all aspects of hygiene.
    Purpose-built and ultra clean
  • Given sufficient advance notice we can adapt our courses to your group's specific requirements.  We have experience teaching especially tailored courses to a wide variety of groups, including professional chefs, people with disabilities, and groups of students from schools and universities.
    Bespoke courses available

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To be certain of securing a place on the course(s) on your chosen date(s), book directly with us online via our website and pay in advance using PayPal's secure payment website.  Full details explaining how to pay for your Cooking@home Thai cooking courses via PayPal will be sent to you by email upon receipt of your booking.
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